Hotel Advertising

It’s true! You can advertise on anything and should never leave white space white. Advertising with local hotels in your delivery area and creating partnerships is your best strategy to take advantage of local events and conventions through community planning groups.

Hotel marketing is a beneficial marketing tool and with the right hotels, you will increase your deliveries and profit margin with a low-cost investment and very little labor on your part.

Hotel Grafix, LLC has been partnering hotels and restaurants to create mutually beneficial relationships by using 20 years of hotel advertising experience. We can create and maintain your hotel relationships or we can educate owners and managers in coordination with your LSM team to run your own key card marketing program.

We provide a quality key card with 4-color advertising on both sides. Key cards are custom and printed as needed by the property. Your message can be changed at each print at no additional cost.

Let us know how we can help you create your own hotel marketing program.

 Quality Customized Key Card- Magnetic Stripe- Qty 1,000 $110.00 plus delivery
 RFID Key Cards- Qty 1,000 $230 (.23ea)
 Beautiful channel guides full color front and back 2” bend, 6x6 or 7x6 each $2.55 plus delivery
These won’t blow over when the room door is closed and you only order what you need.
 Graphics $0
 Secure and branded web site for your orders $0
 Training, Education and Assistance $0